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Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management or PSM, it’s a phrase that is getting a great deal of press currently, but what is PSM?

Many companies will tell you that it is the way forward, and that it will solve all your compliance and safety woes but when pressed as to how, they seem rather less sure.

C3 holds a rather different view, PSM is like COMAH, something which in itself means very little but what it does do is provide a framework within which companies can operate and provided they have the right Policies, Procedures and Systems in place are able to make an adequate demonstration.

So PSM is not a bad thing but it should not replace the basics, it’s doing the basics right that will keep you, your employees and your neighbours safe.

What C3 offers is simple client focused PSM support, aligned with UK regulation including COMAH.

C3 has gained a good understanding of which PSM activities and features are practical and efficient and we are able to help guide you thought the maze. Importantly C3’s experienced team recognises that all companies and facilities are not the same and so we tailor programs to suit your unique needs.

Our aim is simply to help our clients implement PSM programs that satisfy regulatory requirements, fit your company’s organizational culture and which are cost effective and sustainable.

At C3 Technical Solutions, we believe that Customer Centred Compliance™ is the most effective form of Risk management.

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