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Process Hazard Assessment

Process Hazard Assessment is nothing new, but C3’s approach is

Why fix something if it’s not broken you may ask but when C3 formed, bringing together highly experienced individuals from across the process industries the first topic of discussion was how no one had found the now default ‘standard’ 6-stage Hazard Study approach to be either effective or suited to the majority of companies needs.

Sure if you’re a large multi-national with tens of process engineers and safety specialists then we don’t dispute the old ICI system may work for you however, for the rest of the process industries working with lean teams the system simply doesn’t deliver

To put it into prospective, if C3 had a pound for every site we’ve visited who say they follow the 6 stage approach but then when challenged can’t produce a single Stage 1, Stage 5 or 6 assessment we’d be rich.

How is our approach different?

Firstly C3 believe that Management of Change should be at the heart of any well-structured Process Safety Assessment system and in the old 6 stage approach MoC as it is known today doesn’t even get a mention!

Secondly, whatever system a company adopts it has to be proportionate to the nature of the hazards and serviceable by the size of the team at their disposal.

So what can we offer?

C3 has put together a new, simpler system, a more streamlined approach.

An approach which integrates all of assessments required in the 21st century, including but not limited to HAZOP/HAZID, LOPA, Safety Criticality, and Human Factors.

A system that is designed to be flexible and is able to guidance its users through the process, effectively screening out unnecessary assessments and allowing lean teams to manage the assessment process and its actions rather than being managed by it.

But does it work, and will the regulator accept it?

One word – ‘Yes’

C3 have both presented the principle to the regulator and its deliverables and on every occasion the regulator has accepted the approach and what it delivers.

So if you find the existing approaches don’t suit or you’re simply in need / ready for a change than contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and how together we can find the right solution.


As you would expect C3 is able to support your organization with the completion of a full range of Process Hazard Assessments including but not limited to HAZOP, HAZID, FMECA, and LOPA etc.

Within C3 we have IChemE trained study leaders all of whom have years of industry experience and are therefore able not only to lead but to fully contribute to the process from an operations and / or engineering viewpoint.

Another benefit of C3s industry experienced Chairs is that traditionally companies find that a HAZOP discussion can meander off on tangents, furthermore all too often there is someone who believes they could do it better and when you also have the designer in the same room this is a recipe for lengthy discussion at best and at worse conflict.

As the appointed Chairman C3 aims to keep on top of things and keep the team focused. Indeed in C3’s experience it is far better to halt the HAZOP or HAZID process and adjourn if there is insufficient detail available than to simply plough on.

In addition the C3 team has the experience, training and pedigree to offer support with root cause and incident investigation, something many of our competitors struggle to provide.

Many of the skills (5 Whys / RCA / Human Reliability Assessments and Task Analysis for example) acquired by our staff in the process industries are directly transferable to other industry sectors including Health, Construction and the Civil Service, therefore should you have need for specialist support or just want some advice on the best techniques to use then contact us for a no obligation discussion – we are always happy to talk.

Permit to Work

Permit to work (PtW) systems are all too often taken for granted, they exist and get audited but few people ever stop to ask “Are they effective?” Well not until after the incident…

The HSE remains focused on ensuring every operator has a robust Permit to Work system in place and failure to do so is likely to cost you dearly not just in £’s but all too often and sadly in people.

C3’s team have over 100 years of combined experience industrial experience and can assist you in reviewing, redesigning and rolling out new systems design to manage the risk posed by the 21st century.

Our team will help you through every step starting with the basics and general principles, through looking at the types of risk assessment your business needs (such as Hot Work / Confined Space / Excavation etc…) and if necessary assisting with training and auditing.

C3 believes our strength comes from working with our clients in integrated teams, and our commitment starts from the very first contact. What do we mean, well simply put give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your specific needs either over the phone or face to face at your site for free.

At C3 Technical Solutions, we believe that Customer Centred Compliance™ is the most effective form of Risk management.

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