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Operations & Interim Management Support

One of the distinguishing things about C3 is that we aren’t a group of graduate engineers fresh out of University armed by good ideas and no ‘real-life’ experience; neither are we a team of 55 to 60 year old consultants looking to earn a little extra to see us into retirement.

What C3 is, is a team of highly qualified engineering and operational professionals, having a wide range of plant management experience and a passion of helping our clients. Experience gained by working our way up through organisations (both small and large) to positions of senior management.

This depth of experience makes us well placed to provide compliance support but uniquely we can, and have an excellent track record of providing interim operational management support.

C3 does this based on a case by case assessment of need, as we know one size does not fit all, therefore we are able to offer an affordable and flexible level of resource tailored to your short, medium and if necessary longer term needs.

So there is no need to use expensive recruitment firms or to wade through endless CVs to find the right support, simply give C3 a call.

At C3 Technical Solutions, we believe that Customer Centred Compliance™ is the most effective form of Risk management.

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