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Management of Change

Management of Change (MoC) continues to pose a real challenge to most organizations, more the 35 years since the Flixborough disaster from which it was one of the key actions.

Each year the HSE investigates numerous incidents and regrettably accidents which have at their core a lack of change control. Indeed HSE have themselves estimated that such events have cost the UK chemical industry in excess of £100m in lost production, fines and clean-up bills. But this need not be the case.

As all of our team have previously held senior roles within industry C3 is well placed to claim to be probably the UK’s leading consultancy with respect to the development of MoC systems including the delivery of training and auditing.

Consequently C3 is often called upon to assist companies with incident, accident and near miss investigations when their MoC systems fail. As a result, it is clear to C3 that for any system to be effective they must be devised to cover all types of change including Plant, People, Process and Procedures, the core elements of Process Safety Management (PSM).

To aid our clients C3 has developed a simple, robust and scalable electronic Management of Change system able to provide both tracking and assurance.

C3’s system has been designed to avoid the 3 key causes of failure of existing Management of Change systems: bureaucracy, over reliance on individuals and culture therefore making it robust and simple to use.

It is C3’s firm belief that the cost of good change control shouldn’t be paid with people’s lives or livelihoods.

At C3 Technical Solutions, we believe that Customer Centred Compliance™ is the most effective form of Risk management.

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