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Asset Integrity

In recent years the UK regulator has placed increasing emphasis on the design, application and management of Secondary and Tertiary containment systems. C3 believe such systems play an important role in mitigating the consequences of an event but surely prevention is better than cure?

C3’s approach is to focus on Primary Containment and our basic mantra is “let’s keep it in the pipes”, we accept that this view is very simplistic but in many ways so is Asset Integrity or at least it should be.

Asset integrity at its most basic need be nothing more than simply having a robust system for looking at your assets on a regular basis, because no matter how fancy or complex the assessment system used, unless you actually inspect your assets they aren’t worth the paper (or these days the expensive computer software) they are written on.

Therefore by building on the years of experience gained working in industry our EEMUA / API qualified team has developed a system that is both robust enough that it addresses the key areas such as inspection, procedures and error but is also sustainable, allowing the operator to ensure their limited resources are focused on the appropriate plant items.

What separates C3’s approach to asset integrity apart from our competitors is that C3’s system includes not only a focus on Criticality but also the more tangible and potentially cost beneficial area of Reliability.

Call us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and how together we can find the right solution.

At C3 Technical Solutions, we believe that Customer Centred Compliance™ is the most effective form of Risk management.

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